Symposiums Click on the title of the Symposium for a detailed outline    Symposium 1. Sara Palacio & Robert Boyd - Plant life on atypical substrates in MTEs Symposium 2. Brent Mishler & Pablo Vargas Gomez - Spatial Phylogenetics of Mediterranean-type Regions of the World Symposium 3. Muthama Muasya, Jasper Slingsby, Tony Verboom - Pan-African MTEs – Integrating multiple dimensions of diversity towards understanding the diversity, ecology, evolution and conservation of MTEs in Africa Symposium 4. Jasper Slingsby et al. Advances in Remote Sensing of Biodiversity in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems Symposium 5. Helen de Klerk, Zahn Munch & Vernon Visser - Using remote sensing to understand and manage Mediterranean Type Ecosystems Symposium 6. Lindsey Gillson et al. - Using Long-term data to Conserve and Manage Mediterranean Type Ecosystems Symposium 7. Treurnicht, M. & Schurr FM et al. - Macrodemography Symposium 8. Stephen Jackson, Nicola van Wilgen & Wendy Foden - Climate change adaptation: Understanding impacts and vulnerability and taking conservation action Symposium 9. C Marean, R Cowling et al. - The Palaeo-Agulhas Plain Revises our Understanding of the Cape Floristic Region Symposium 10. Global Forest Communicators Network (supported by UN FAO) - Are u being heard ? The power of effective communication (Book here - free to attend - max 40pax