The size of your powerpoint should be widescreen or 16:9

The first slide of your powerpoint should be stating your subject title and name. Please

alert the technical team if you have videos in your slides and make sure they are linked


Please make sure that there is no visual overload – this guideline is good handy


Guidelines for online presenters



Online presenters were requested to provide us with a recorded power point. We will

convert your recorded power point into a video.

Recordings must be done in Powerpoint. Guidelines on how to record in power point can

be found here Contact us if you need assistance in this regard. The alternative for

recordings is and it is a great collaborative tool as well

Please ensure that the sound on your recording is of excellent quality. Please project your

voice and make sure there is not background noise. Use a headset if possible.

Please put your camera on for the duration of the recording to improve connection with

the audience. There must be good light on your face and also try and frame yourself in the

middle of the camera view, with the camera eye height. (don’t look down into the camera)

Closer to the event you will be sent a calendar invite with the Teams link to be used for the

online Q and A

Please log into teams no less than 30 minutes before your session is due to start. A person

from Vetlink will be on standby for the duration of the event in this Teams meeting to

guide you through and assist you if needed.

Attend the online briefing session to ensure that you can log in successfully and let us do a

check on your camera and sound. There will be 3 opportunities for online briefings made

available approximately 3 weeks before the event.


On the day


The recording will be played directly after you have been introduced by the moderator of

the session

You will switch on your camera and sound just before your recorded presentation ends and

your image will be projected onto the screen

The moderator will pose questions from the online and in person audience to you.

If you did not submit a recording, you will present live. It is essential that you log in no less

than 30 minutes before the start of your session or earlier.

We need to be informed if there are multiple presenters going to be online.

Be aware that there might be a speaker live when you log into teams. Ensure that your

camera and sound are Off when entering Teams

When you are through, you can log off from Teams and continue to view the event through

the event platform

Your point of contact during the event for online issues will be Tina on 081 024 6192

We will also have a chat button on the website for immediate assistance throughout the



Guideline for in person presenters


Please arrive in time for your session and introduce yourself to the session chair that they

are aware that you have arrived and where you are seated.


Kindly ensure that we have received your completed powerpoint presentation by we-

transfer or dropbox no later than 2 weeks before the event start.


Please save your powerpoint with your name followed by the abbreviated topic

If there is an emergency and you need to replace your powerpoint, please bring it on an

external drive, well before the start of the session to the technical team. Save the file with

the same name with REVISED and date.


Your point of contact at the event for technical issues will be Madaleen on 082 575 6479

We request all speakers and moderators to join a whats app group created for the duration of the

event. Please don’t share the link. It will only be used to communicate important schedule

changes during the event.


There will be an event App – please ensure that all your biography and photo is correct on the

Website and App.