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Symposia Sessions

De Klerk, H. et al. Using remote sensing to understand and manage Mediterranean Type Ecosystems (MTE’s)
Gillson, L. et al. Using Long-term data to Conserve and Manage Mediterranean Type Ecosystems
Slingsby, J, Wilson, A, Cardoso, A  Advances in Remote Sensing of Biodiversity in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems
Marean, C., Cowling, R., Franklin, J. et al. The Palaeo-Agulhas Plain Revises our Understanding of the Cape Floristic Region
Mishler, B., Vargas Gomez, P. et al. Spatial Phylogenetics of Mediterranean-type Regions of the World
Palacio, S., Boyd, R. et al. Plant life on atypical substrates in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems
Schurr, F., Treurnicht, M. et al. Macrodemography in Mediterranean Type Ecosystems
Soal, S., Konstant, T., Mbopha, M. et al. Facilitation and Documentation of a Participant-driven Summative and Formative
Evaluation of Cape Action for People and the Environment
Van Wilgen, N. et al. Species climate change vulnerability and adaptation
Maria De Cristofaro, Ingwald Gschwandtl, Kai Lintunen, Kay Montgomery, Robert Grace. Are u being heard? The power of effective communication

Workshops and Special Sessions

Lesley Richardson (Workshop) Building on 20 years of CAPE – how participant-driven evaluation and planning provided a new platform for the CFR community
Julia Wood, Pippin Anderson, Bongani Mnisi (Workshop) Consider the Mediterranean shrubland: What is effective conservation action?
Karen Esler, Wihan Bekker et al. (Workshop) Moving from the stick to the carrot, an approach to improved fire management of Mediterranean Ecosystems
Sierra Standish (Oral History Project) Mediterranean-type Ecology Network Oral History Project
Odette Curtis, Grant Forbes et al. (short film and networking session) The Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust: Celebrating 10 years of Renosterveld Conservation
Dr Alanna Rebelo, Agricultural Research Council, Prof Karen Esler, Stellenbosch University Fynbos Restoration Workshop The latest strategy and tools for practitioners and workshopping a platform for restoration practitioners in the Fynbos Biome