Welcome & Introduction 

KEYNOTE 01: Prof Karen Esler – Spotlight on Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems: Model systems for global change comparisons, regional and local responses

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SYMPOSIUM 01: Sara Palacio & Robert Boyd – Plant life on atypical substrates in MTEs

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THEMATIC SESSION (TH_A): Big data & Biodiversity

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KEYNOTE 02: Tony Verboom – Vegetation of the Greater Cape Floristic Region: a floristic perspective

SYMPOSIUM 02: Brent Mishler & Pablo Vargas Gomez – Spatial Phylogenetics of Mediterranean-type Regions of the World

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THEMATIC SESSION (TH_B1): Fire-driven evolution of MTE floral

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Welcome & Introduction

Unraveling the complex effects of global change on altered fire regimes in California

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THEMATIC SESSION (TH_C1): Invasive alien species and their control in MTEs

SYMPOSIUM 03: Helen de Klerk, Zahn Munch & Vernon Visser – Using remote sensing to understand and manage Mediterranean Type Ecosystems

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WORKSHOP: Alanna Rebelo & Karen Esler – Fynbos Restoration Workshop:
The latest strategy and tools for practitioners

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KEYNOTE 04: Rupert Koopman

THEMATIC SESSION (TH_C1 continued): Restoration of Mediterranean shrublands and rivers

SYMPOSIUM 04: Jasper Slingsby et al. Advances in Remote Sensing of Biodiversity in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems

WORKSHOP: Wihan Bekker, Karen Esler et al. (Workshop) – Moving from the stick to the carrot, an approach to improved fire management of
Mediterranean Ecosystems

SYMPOSIUM 05: Lindsey Gillson et al. – Using Long-term data to Conserve and Manage Mediterranean Type Ecosystems

NETWORKING SESSION: Odette Curtis, Grant Forbes et al. (short film) – The Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust: Celebrating 10 years of Renosterveld Conservation

SOCIAL FUNCTION: Dinner and Disco evening

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Welcome & Introduction

KEYNOTE 05: JACO LE ROUX – How do soil microbes drive and respond to plant invasion in Mediterranean ecosystems?

KEYNOTE 06: MINGZEN LU – Biome boundary maintained by intense belowground resource competition in world’s thinnest-rooted plant community

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THEMATIC SESSION (TH_D1): Biodiversity: species interactions, networks, communities and phylogenetics

THEMATIC SESSION (TH_B1): Fire-driven evolution of MTE floras

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WORKSHOP: Lesley Richardson et al. Building on 20 years of CAPE – how participant-driven evaluation and planning provided a new platform for the CFR community

WORKSHOP: Julia Wood, Pippin Anderson, Bongani Mnisi – Consider the Mediterranean shrubland: What is effective conservation action?

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Welcome & Introduction

KEYNOTE 07: FRANK SCHURR – Macrodemography – how large-scale biodiversity dynamics arise from the reproduction, mortality and dispersal of individuals

KEYNOTE 08: ROB SALGUERO-GOMEZ – In the search for demographic oddities and their role in ecology, evolution and conservation biology

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SYMPOSIUM 06: Treurnicht, M. & Schurr FM et al. – Macrodemography

THEMATIC SESSION (TH_D2): Biodiversity: species interactions, networks, communities and phylogenetics

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THEMATIC SESSION (TH_E): Demography, population dynamics and biogeography


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KEYNOTE 09:Wendy Foden – Responding to climate change impacts in Mediterranean ecosystems: challenges and opportunities

SYMPOSIUM 07: Stephen Jackson, Nicola van Wilgen & Wendy Foden – Climate change adaptation: Understanding impacts and vulnerability and taking conservation action

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THEMATIC SESSION (TH_G): Ecophysiology and Functional traits – functioning and resilience of MTEs

WORKSHOP: S Geerts, Shaw, K. et al. – The development of a planting protocol for indigenous plant species: South African honeybush as a case study

Social and networking function

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Welcome & Introduction

KEYNOTE 10: Kathleen Kay (online) Divergent edaphic adaptation promotes speciation, coexistence, and persistence in the California flora

KEYNOTE 11: Kersten Braun – Late Pleistocene climates of the Cape Floristic Region based on speleothem records

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SYMPOSIUM 08: C Marean, R Cowling et al. – The Palaeo-Agulhas Plain Revises our Understanding of the Cape Floristic Region

SYMPOSIUM 09: Global Forest Communicators Network (supported by UN FAO) – Are u being heard ? The power of effective communication

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THEMATIC SESSION (TH_D2): MTE conservation needs and actions

THEMATIC SESSION (TH_F): MTEs as socio-ecological systems

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THEMATIC SESSION (TH_XX): Current biodiversity conservation challenges for a shifting future – habitat restoration and fragmentation

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END of DAY 05